Since January 2013, our team has grown and consists now of 6 cooks and 5 waiters (full time), all of them passionate about gastronomy, and furthermore 3 part time cooks and 3 part time waiters.


Meet the team

We aim at hiring on one hand people from the countryside who come to the city looking for work, and on the other hand young students who need to finance their studies and their lives in the city. We only hire Bolivians.


People we hire join us with little or no work experience in the restaurant business. We train them in hygiene, nutrition, culinary art and customer service. Whenever possible, we offer them English classes.


We are looking for people who are eager to learn and willing to work hard in exchange for a rewarding experience and a rewarding salary, opening up new perspectives for their future.


One of our waiters we’ve found through Fundación Guia, a job placement agency that was initially the reason for Condor Trekkers to be founded.